10 reasons why Cyprus is a must-visit

If you are following my posts, you may have noticed that I do enjoy islands (Capri, The Aeoilian islands, Malta, the Canary islands being my favorite). Not sure why’s that, maybe the atmosphere on an island is way more different than on mainland – lots of traditions and peculiarities of the island are preserved, tourists are typically less (well, not on popular islands like Santorini), life tends to be less busy and – there are so many hidden spot to explore, to swim, to enjoy!

Early this summer I checked out yet another interesting destination – Cyprus. And it was early in summer since summers in Cyprus tend to get hot and a whole day walking program would have been difficult to pursue. So – if you plan a trip there yourself, go outside the months of June – August.

The ancient Roman city Philippi in Greece – photo report

Greece has so many ruins from previous civilizations inhabiting its territories. I have visited many, but the historical site I visited last week really impressed me. The site is the ancient Roman city of Philippi, located some 15 kms from Kavala (a city in the north-eastern part of the country, usually recognized as the starting point for the ferries to Thassos island). I’ve been to Kavala many times, never spotted this amazing place.

Crete – 10 reasons to visit the biggest island of Greece

It’s April and it’s just the right time to visit the biggest island of Greece and 5th biggest island in the Mediterranean sea – Crete. Actually, I’d say April is the best time to visit most of Europe – spring comes in full speed, flowers are blooming, the tourist crowds are less and costs are flight/hotel costs are at their low-season levels.

Why go to Crete though? Here’s ten top reasons:

Malta – top 10 sights to see in 3 days

As a traveller with a 9-5 job, I am trying to make the most out of long weekends and public holidays. If you are in my shoes and want to take a 3-4 day break in Malta, here’s what I recommend seeing in such a short timeframe. And, before planning your Malta trip, check out my tips for visiting Malta, including best time to go, transport on the island and others.

10 reasons why free tours are best for exploring a city in a short time

For a few years, the first thing I do when I visit a city and have at least half a day to spend, are free tours. I still hear people looking me with perplexion when I mention free tours – some hear about them for the first time, others look with distrust when ‘free’ is mentioned”: “Do they try to sell you something on the tour”? “Do you feel safe joining a stranger?

Here are ten reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate joining a free tour.

Malta – tips for visiting the islands

In October I decided to check out the three Maltese islands (Malta, Gozo and Comino) for a long weekend break. This country is an absolute gem and I really did not expect I would like it that much! So much history, well-preserved sights, such a relaxed atmosphere and friendly people..wish I could spend at least a month there!

With Wizzair offering pretty inexpensive flights to the island from most major European cities, I must say – put the country in your must visit list. And, do not listen to people on forums telling you that ‘within 3 days you should have seen pretty much everything on the island’. 3 days are totally insufficient, so stay as long as you can :)

I’ll be sharing within a few posts what we managed to see within hectic 3.5 days. However, I will dedicate this post to tips on organizing your stay, so you don’t spend too much time on it.

Fuerteventura – the island of wind and surf

Fuerteventura is the second largest Canary island (1,731 sq km, with Tenerife being the largest) and the one closest to Africa (100 km is the distance to the south of Morocco).

If I have to summarize our perception of Fuerteventura with one sentence, it will be – this is The place to surf!

The very name Fuerteventura means Strong Winds and it’s been given to the island following the constant trade winds blowing on this island, throughout the whole year. These winds help relieve the heat and make the island the perfect gathering place for windsurfers from all over the world.

The island, however, is also popular among fans of Hawaiian surf. There are a few beaches where waves persist, no matter the conditions elsewhere on the island. So after a couple of Hawaiian surf lessons right after arrival – we loaded our rented surfs and equipment on the tiny rented car and – off we went, exploring the island combined with finding spots to surf. So, this post will refer to sightseeing and opportunities for surfing combined.

Pros and Cons of Airbnb

When travelling, my first choice for accommodation is Airbnb. Since so many people ask me recently – is it OK, is it safe, is it clean, etc (some ask what is Airbnb..), I decided to share my Airbnb experience with you.

My first travel with Airbnb was 3-4 years ago I think. Until now I’ve stayed at more than 30 properties with Airbnb. Did I have an unpleasant experience from any of these? Maybe once, related to noise and lack of privacy. Compared to stays with booking.com and other online reservation systems, the disappointment rate with Airbnb, at least for me, is way way lower.

Now, what’s good and what’s bad about Airbnb? Read my impressions below and decide for yourself. For those who have no idea what Airbnb is – it’s a place where you can book privately-owned rooms and apartments, usually for short-term stay.

Gran Canaria – the island of sun

Among all 4 Canary islands I have been to (out of 7), Gran Canaria appealed to me most. When researching it before the visit, it sounded like a crowded touristy place where elderly people occupy the lengthy beaches. After being there, I admit it is fairly touristy in some parts of the island, but in general it’s a truly exotic and diverse island. And it’s sunny – it’s claimed that this island gets the most sun from all 7. If I could visit one island among the Canaries, I’d choose Gran Canaria.

What’s cool about this island? It’s considered a miniature continent due to the combination of different climates and landscapes. The north tends to be slightly cooler, while the south is sunnier and warmer (and hence the more visitors to the southern part). The seaside is dry, the inland (higher altitude) more humid and with lush vegetation.

You may reach CG either by plane to Las Palmas or by going first to Tenerife and then via ferry (2-4 hours) to Gran Canaria. Then, you could move around the island using the bus transport (pretty reliable, but suitable for more popular destinations along the coastline) or via rent a car (cheap rentals available directly on-site).

Top 5 Interesting Places To Visit In Italy

This is a guest post by Jane Roberts.

Italy is one of the world’s most celebrated tourist destination despite the country being the most destroyed and affected during the World War II. The country indeed is a major tourist destination as it is a home to the most diverse and beautiful landscapes in the whole of Europe. The country is home to the world’s greatest reserve of art treasures that is displayed in cities and buildings. Many of the Italians here are indeed proud of their country and whenever you ask them the best place on earth to live, without doubt the response will be “right here”. In this article, you will find the top five interesting places to visit in Italy and without any doubt, you will live to tell your amazing experience.