About me

My name is Svetla. I love travelling, anywhere, alone or with friends – doesn’t matter.

I am a fan of reasonable travel – that is, travel with a reason (learn a language, attend a course, sports, etc), and within a reasonable budget. I also really enjoy the type of travel where I can mix with the locals and meet other people. Thus I am a keen supporter of couchsurfing, staying with local people via airbnb or similar sites, apartment exchange programs, staying in hostels and similar.

Also, staying in the nature – at campsites – is what fills me with energy a lot. That’s why, when possible, I want to stay at campsites.

And finally, my travels are truly experience-rich. I may afford visiting a place just for a few days, but I use that time to my physical limit. I am walking all possible streets, trying to see the key attractions, I am blending with the locals, biking, swimming, tasting local food – anything that would make me feel the place as much as possible, within the time I have. That is why I often need good relaxation after coming back from travels 🙂

Hope you will enjoy my posts, and will find tips you can use, and places you want to visit too.

I’d be glad to hear from you with comments, ideas, or just anything you’d like to share with me.


Thanks for stopping by!

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