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Croatia gems: Krka National Park

If you are travelling to the southern part of the Croatian Riviera, you shouldn’t miss Krka national park ( – an impressive sequence of gorges, lakes and waterfalls laid out on Krka river as it makes its progress to the sea. Krka is located close (23 km) to the town of Šibenik, which is almost in the mid of Zadar-Split road. From Plitvice lakes Krka park is a ~2 hour drive.

Krka park encompasses an area of 142 km2 and extends along a 2 km part of the river Krka, between the towns of Knin and Skradin. It’s a slightly less popular attraction than Plitvice (read my review of Plitvice lakes) – gets 750 thousands visitors/year compared to 1 million for Plitvice – but is an awesome place to go, especially in the heat. Reason: in one of the park waterfalls you can actually swim!

Croatia gems: Plitvice lakes

If you are an avid traveler, there’s no way you haven’t heard of Plitvice lakes in Croatia. It’s a very famous attraction in Croatia (gets more than 1 million visitors every year) and the biggest national park in Southeast Europe. You can reach it by travelling from Zagreb to Zadar, it’s almost in the halfway.

And no wonder it’s so well-known – the park is amazing and is a must-seе. And despite being a popular attraction, it’s actually not that crowded and you may stroll around quite undisturbed. It’s also a perfect place to visit with kids.

The name Plitvice comes from plitvak (meaning shallow in Croatian) – referring to the shallow basins filled with water, which later became lakes.

Croatia gems: Zadar

I love spring and autumn.. these are the best seasons to travel! The weather is good, travel is inexpensive..what more could you want 🙂

Now is just one of those ‘travel-friendly’ times of the year and I’m coming up with a series of posts on some great places you can visit in.. beautiful Croatia!

Why visit Croatia? My top 3 reasons are: the seaside and islands, beautiful nature, historical buildings. Croatia has 500+ km coastline and 1246 islands and islets. Lots of places to go, no? Even during high season, you can find yourself a perfectly peaceful beach spot on an easy-to-reach island. There are 8 national parks (with Plitvice lakes and Krka, which I’m going to cover, being the 2 biggest ones) and 10 nature parks.

How a good deed can make your .. year!

These days I was thinking about all great experiences I enjoyed this year.. You know – those end-of-year reflections, in the blissful moments when you are with your family, feel the happiness and warmth from being together… and being alive..

I was browsing my memory for every month of the past year, recalling all great moments and awesome surprises, bursts of courage and pride, or efforts to overcome and learn from disappointments. And suddenly, I almost got into tears when I remembered one simple, yet almost magical good deed that made me sooo much happy! Actually, made me believe in miracles, the power of positive thinking, in God – you name it!

Just at the beginning of Sept, I went on an improvised trip around Croatia. A very special one, and long-awaited. Something like a belated summer vacation. I’ve only quickly been through Croatia before, so what I saw on this trip was truly impressive. Zagreb, Zadar, the Adriatic coastline, the venetian architecture in the old cities, the charming beauty of Plitvice lakes, the nature of Krka national park and so much more. And just around the end of this trip, while in Krka park – I lost my camera with all dear pics in it!