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3 days in Athens – what to do, tips on accommodation and transport

The capital of Greece is one of the best places for a well-packed, time-pressing trip full of history, nature and experiences. Why? Because everything is fairly close by, there are numerous inexpensive options for guided tours, public transport is good and accommodation close to the city center is also easy to find.

Here are the details of a 3-day trip I recently had in this lovely city, along with some recommendations on places to shop and eat.

Edipsos, Greece – the healing thermal baths famous since Roman times

In the midst of winter, relaxing in thermal spring water sounds a really good idea. How about having that hot thermal spring water come out right at the shores of the sea or even from the sea bottom? Enjoy this phenomenon in Edipsos in Central Greece.

Edipsos is located on the second biggest island in Greece (after Crete) – Evvia (also called Euboea). Having visited Greece numerous times, I was surprised I hadn’t actually explored it at all, so right at the beginning of this autumn headed there, aiming to mostly explore its northern part, with focus on Edipsos and its thermal baths. Here’s what truly impressed me in this place.

What to see on Rhodes island, Greece – my top 10 sights

If you love the beach and enjoy holidays combining relaxation with some sightseeing – Rhodes island in Greece is a place to go. Boasting of 300 days of sunshine on average, the island is a perfect destination for an early summer or late autumn holiday (Rhodes is the 2nd most visited island in Greece so, unless you are OK with the crowds, try go go outside the high season).

Here I will share the top 10 things I recommend you to see during your holiday on the biggest among the Dodecanese islands.

The ancient Roman city Philippi in Greece – photo report

Greece has so many ruins from previous civilizations inhabiting its territories. I have visited many, but the historical site I visited last week really impressed me. The site is the ancient Roman city of Philippi, located some 15 kms from Kavala (a city in the north-eastern part of the country, usually recognized as the starting point for the ferries to Thassos island). I’ve been to Kavala many times, never spotted this amazing place.

Crete – 10 reasons to visit the biggest island of Greece

It’s April and it’s just the right time to visit the biggest island of Greece and 5th biggest island in the Mediterranean sea – Crete. Actually, I’d say April is the best time to visit most of Europe – spring comes in full speed, flowers are blooming, the tourist crowds are less and costs are flight/hotel costs are at their low-season levels.

Why go to Crete though? Here’s ten top reasons:

Best things to see in Corfu

This is a guest post by Jason Briggs.
The Ionian island of Corfu is arguably one of the best islands in Greece. With its spectacular weather, rich history, picturesque beaches and untouched villages, all topped off with a Greek party spirit and culture, Corfu is one of the most desirable islands of Greece. There is no wonder why it is home to almost a million visitors each year. Here are the top places you can visit during your stay on the island:

Corfu Town

Corfu town is arguably one of the most fascinating and impressive towns in all of Greece, there is a unique beauty and atmosphere in this town, with its narrow streets, elegant architecture and stunning Monuments.

8 Kids-friendly activities in the Saronic islands in Greece

The Saronic Gulf in Greece is located to the south-southwest of Athens, and has 7 inhabited islands in it, called the Saronic islands. All islands are easy/fast to reach from the capital, with the farthest one – Spetses – taking just 2-3 hours by ferry or flying dolphin.

With its wonderful beaches and picturesque villages the Saronic is one of our favorite locations for spending a family holiday. If you happen to be around for your summer vacation, here are the eight places/activities we enjoyed most as a family.

Poros island

Walk around Poros city, enjoy magnificent views from the Clock Tower
Poros is just an hour from Athens by hydrofoil, but is perhaps one of the most picturesque islands in Greece. Its main town, Poros, beautifully spreads out on a hill, thus offering great views to the port, and the lovely bays just nearby.

10 Tips for Family Biking on Thassos

Thassos Island

Biking has always been a favorite leisure activity for our family – it allows us to spend great time together, see amazing places, have a picnic, relax and get fit at the same time.

With small kids it’s not possible to do long cycling treks, or steep mountain trails. So, we usually choose road cycling through peaceful rural areas, and stop here and there for sightseeing, for a game of volleyball or cards, ice-cream, snack, etc. One of our favorite locations for family biking is Thassos island in Greece.

Why Thassos?

  • It’s very close to Greece mainland, so it only takes a short ferry trip from Kavala or Keramoti. Kavala is a 2-3 hour drive from Thessaloniki airport.
  • Thassos has a main ring-road which follows the coastline and passes through amazing beaches and historical/cultural places to see. The road is easy to cycle, and makes a great route for family biking.
  • Thassos is also a very green island, full of cedars, oaks, pines, chestnuts, so the road is mostly shady and really pleasant.

If you decide to take your family to bike in Thassos – here are 10 tips you may use:

A week’s sailing into Greek Sporades Islands

It’s been our third year sailing the Greek islands, but it is the first time we visit the Sporades. Sporades is a lovely group of 24 islands located to the east of central mainland Greece. Just 4 of those islands are inhabited though – Alonnisos, Skiathos, Skopelos and Syros.
‘Sporades’ means ‘scattered islands (from the word ‘sporadic’).

Unlike the Cyclades we have sailed to so far, all Sporades islands are very green, and have numerous bays. They are also more populated than the Sporades, and some of them (Skiathos, Alonissos) are even too touristic and noisy.

Our first stop from the trip (excluding a quick layover in Thassos, which was on our way from Kavala to Sporades) was Alonissos. Among the 4 inhabited Sporades islands this one is farthest to the East, and considered least touristy from all, though we saw huge crowds coming and going away on ferries and bigger boats. Most signs and restaurant menus were also written in Italian, and also the locals spoke mostly Italian and not English, so suppose many Italians enjoy the quietness of the island.