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Fuerteventura – the island of wind and surf

Fuerteventura is the second largest Canary island (1,731 sq km, with Tenerife being the largest) and the one closest to Africa (100 km is the distance to the south of Morocco).

If I have to summarize our perception of Fuerteventura with one sentence, it will be – this is The place to surf!

The very name Fuerteventura means Strong Winds and it’s been given to the island following the constant trade winds blowing on this island, throughout the whole year. These winds help relieve the heat and make the island the perfect gathering place for windsurfers from all over the world.

The island, however, is also popular among fans of Hawaiian surf. There are a few beaches where waves persist, no matter the conditions elsewhere on the island. So after a couple of Hawaiian surf lessons right after arrival – we loaded our rented surfs and equipment on the tiny rented car and – off we went, exploring the island combined with finding spots to surf. So, this post will refer to sightseeing and opportunities for surfing combined.

Gran Canaria – the island of sun

Among all 4 Canary islands I have been to (out of 7), Gran Canaria appealed to me most. When researching it before the visit, it sounded like a crowded touristy place where elderly people occupy the lengthy beaches. After being there, I admit it is fairly touristy in some parts of the island, but in general it’s a truly exotic and diverse island. And it’s sunny – it’s claimed that this island gets the most sun from all 7. If I could visit one island among the Canaries, I’d choose Gran Canaria.

What’s cool about this island? It’s considered a miniature continent due to the combination of different climates and landscapes. The north tends to be slightly cooler, while the south is sunnier and warmer (and hence the more visitors to the southern part). The seaside is dry, the inland (higher altitude) more humid and with lush vegetation.

You may reach CG either by plane to Las Palmas or by going first to Tenerife and then via ferry (2-4 hours) to Gran Canaria. Then, you could move around the island using the bus transport (pretty reliable, but suitable for more popular destinations along the coastline) or via rent a car (cheap rentals available directly on-site).

Lanzarote – the island of volcanoes

If you read my 10 reasons for visiting the Canary islands, you should already have a growing desire to visit this amazing archipelago. But – which islands to start with?

Being a fan of frequent, but shorter vacations for me the best option seems to visit the Canary islands two by two, for a total of 8-10 days. You spend 3-4 days on each island (+you need 2 days for transfers) which is pretty insufficient but still a good time frame to get a taste of the island.

So, my first couple was Lanzarote and Fuerteventura Canary islands. They are close to each other (30 mins by ferry), well-connected to Europe (especially Madrid and Milano) and there’s pretty much to be done there.

10 reasons for visiting the Canary islands

6 months ago I spent an awesome week at two of the Canary islands. Many people asked me what the Canaries look like and what’s to be done there. So, before I start my series of posts on the two islands I visited – Lanzarote and Fuerteventura – let me give my 10 reasons for visiting the Canary islands.

1. The weather is always good

The temperatures on the Canaries rarely drop below 20 degrees, so you can escape there for a vacation anytime. The temperature is highest (around 30 degrees Celsius) during the summer months and this is when most people come over. For me though the off-peak season (we visited in November), with its mild weather and less crowds, is simply perfect.

7 tips from a first surf lesson in Santa Cruz, CA

Ever since watching the surfers on North Shore in Hawaii (one of the best surf spots on Earth, with huge waves) I was obsessed with the thought of surfing. One day, somewhere… But, there were so many ‘but’s, the most upsetting of which – ‘I’m not a good swimmer. I will drown before being able to even stand up on the board!’

Well, a few years later I was more and more watching surfing videos, reading the forums, checking the best and nearest surf spots..and figured out my fears might not be right. So, during a recent business trip to San Francisco last July, being very close to a great surf spot – Santa Cruz – I decided: I’m doing a surfing lesson! And I did. And it was ..maybe in the top 3 of all most memorable experiences in my life!

I wanted to share a few tips for those who really like this sport but still hesitate trying. Guys and girls, it’s really less difficult and more exciting that you’d imagine!