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3 days in Athens – what to do, tips on accommodation and transport

The capital of Greece is one of the best places for a well-packed, time-pressing trip full of history, nature and experiences. Why? Because everything is fairly close by, there are numerous inexpensive options for guided tours, public transport is good and accommodation close to the city center is also easy to find.

Here are the details of a 3-day trip I recently had in this lovely city, along with some recommendations on places to shop and eat.

Tuscany – tips for visiting with kids

It’s been a while since I last posted on my blog. Mostly for reasons of planning, packing, travelling, unpacking, then – making up with work and then – the above repeats again 🙂 But, I am getting back to my routine of blogging hopefully!

This post was provoked by a recent discussion I had on a family travel blog where the topic ”Tuscany with kids” was discussed. Well, I was amazed t hear that ‘Pisa is not worth it’, ‘Florence is packed with tourists and no way you should go with kids’, ‘Accommodation is way too expensive’ so – I decided to give my 5 cents on this in a blog post. Mostly because – Tuscany is amazing, and even more for kids so – you should definitely take them there.

Here I share a few tips that would make travel to Tuscany with kids easier and more enjoyable for your whole family, based on my recent travel experience.

10 reasons why free tours are best for exploring a city in a short time

For a few years, the first thing I do when I visit a city and have at least half a day to spend, are free tours. I still hear people looking me with perplexion when I mention free tours – some hear about them for the first time, others look with distrust when ‘free’ is mentioned”: “Do they try to sell you something on the tour”? “Do you feel safe joining a stranger?

Here are ten reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate joining a free tour.

Malta – tips for visiting the islands

In October I decided to check out the three Maltese islands (Malta, Gozo and Comino) for a long weekend break. This country is an absolute gem and I really did not expect I would like it that much! So much history, well-preserved sights, such a relaxed atmosphere and friendly people..wish I could spend at least a month there!

With Wizzair offering pretty inexpensive flights to the island from most major European cities, I must say – put the country in your must visit list. And, do not listen to people on forums telling you that ‘within 3 days you should have seen pretty much everything on the island’. 3 days are totally insufficient, so stay as long as you can 🙂

I’ll be sharing within a few posts what we managed to see within hectic 3.5 days. However, I will dedicate this post to tips on organizing your stay, so you don’t spend too much time on it.

Pros and Cons of Airbnb

When travelling, my first choice for accommodation is Airbnb. Since so many people ask me recently – is it OK, is it safe, is it clean, etc (some ask what is Airbnb..), I decided to share my Airbnb experience with you.

My first travel with Airbnb was 3-4 years ago I think. Until now I’ve stayed at more than 30 properties with Airbnb. Did I have an unpleasant experience from any of these? Maybe once, related to noise and lack of privacy. Compared to stays with and other online reservation systems, the disappointment rate with Airbnb, at least for me, is way way lower.

Now, what’s good and what’s bad about Airbnb? Read my impressions below and decide for yourself. For those who have no idea what Airbnb is – it’s a place where you can book privately-owned rooms and apartments, usually for short-term stay.

7 tips from a first surf lesson in Santa Cruz, CA

Ever since watching the surfers on North Shore in Hawaii (one of the best surf spots on Earth, with huge waves) I was obsessed with the thought of surfing. One day, somewhere… But, there were so many ‘but’s, the most upsetting of which – ‘I’m not a good swimmer. I will drown before being able to even stand up on the board!’

Well, a few years later I was more and more watching surfing videos, reading the forums, checking the best and nearest surf spots..and figured out my fears might not be right. So, during a recent business trip to San Francisco last July, being very close to a great surf spot – Santa Cruz – I decided: I’m doing a surfing lesson! And I did. And it was ..maybe in the top 3 of all most memorable experiences in my life!

I wanted to share a few tips for those who really like this sport but still hesitate trying. Guys and girls, it’s really less difficult and more exciting that you’d imagine!

Le Cinque Terre – The Five lands of color and amore

Cinque Terre (Five Lands) in North-western Italy was the main destination in my Italy vacation this April. A place I was attracted to for a long time, but which escaped my travel plans for one reason or other.

Even writing about the ‘Five Lands’ gets me excited, and brings back the same exhilaration I had while driving the 1-2 hours north of Pisa, through the curvy and narrow road just before we reached the northern-most of the villages – Monterosso Al Mare.

When this place gets into your destination list – here are some tips to help your planning:

Tip: Getting good mobile internet while travelling in France

Getting mobile internet franceHaving internet everytime and everywhere is essential when travelling with kids: you might need to make a last-minute booking, check family-friendly attractions nearby, call your family doctor on skype, etc.

Moreover, I have found out that while most hotels in France do offer free wireless, very often the signal in your room is poor, or shows up only now and then.

One option to be always connected would be to use the 3G internet with your sim card, but abroad that might be expensive. That’s why it’s best to get 3G internet from a local provider.

What’s the best option to get a hassle-free mobile internet in France? (read below and save 1 hour running between mobile shops)