How a good deed can make your .. year!

These days I was thinking about all great experiences I enjoyed this year.. You know – those end-of-year reflections, in the blissful moments when you are with your family, feel the happiness and warmth from being together… and being alive..

I was browsing my memory for every month of the past year, recalling all great moments and awesome surprises, bursts of courage and pride, or efforts to overcome and learn from disappointments. And suddenly, I almost got into tears when I remembered one simple, yet almost magical good deed that made me sooo much happy! Actually, made me believe in miracles, the power of positive thinking, in God – you name it!

Just at the beginning of Sept, I went on an improvised trip around Croatia. A very special one, and long-awaited. Something like a belated summer vacation. I’ve only quickly been through Croatia before, so what I saw on this trip was truly impressive. Zagreb, Zadar, the Adriatic coastline, the venetian architecture in the old cities, the charming beauty of Plitvice lakes, the nature of Krka national park and so much more. And just around the end of this trip, while in Krka park – I lost my camera with all dear pics in it!

Going back and forth in the park, trying to figure out when and how I lost it (I rarely lose anything), I couldn’t believe this happened. I was so much disappointed, I even got into tears. Repeating myself it’s memories and not pics that matter, I tried to cheer myself up, but in vain.. Anyhow, good there are people who could create you experiences that get you out of those sad ones.. I somehow (almost) forgot about the camera, but still believed that it can’t get lost just like that, it simply can’t. It will show up, one day.. I asked at the park reception if they found it, called the park administration.. nothing, even 3 days after.

I was thinking about the lost photos (didn’t care about the camera – was an old one anyhow), about all great moments I had captured, regretted not having downloaded the pics on my computer..

Krka national park

After posting messages in a few ‘lost and found sites’ (in which I saw that almost hundreds of cameras were declared lost worldwide) I finally decided to post an announcement on Krka Facebook page, with my camera description, and asking the park to get in touch if, one day, they found it.

The page had 10,000 likes at that stage. How likely it was that some of those 10,000 fans (which were of course located in all parts of the world), was among the thousands of visitors the park got on that same day and actually found the camera and read the post..

The page admins replied that they asked at the office and no one found it yet, but they’ll keep checking. OK, I expected it..

Two days later… a guy from Poland actually reads the Facebook post and responds that he has my camera!!! We get in touch, and he sends it to me, in Bulgaria, via speeded post (he didn’t want any payment, neither for shipping nor even a small thank-you) within 1 week. And I get my camera with all my pics! So, to summarize, person from Poland finds my camera in Croatia, reads the post on the park Facebook page (which means is one of only 10K fans) and sends it back to Bulgaria!!

Krka again, a pic I already considered lost

Even now, remembering about the moment when I read his post on that Facebook page, eyes wide open from the shock, I get into tears.

How can things turn in such a good way, or who turns them in this way? Did this happen because I had to learn something? Or because I already learned it?

I don’t know. I can only say – whatever you think, will happen, bad or good. So – always be positive and think that things will turn out the best for you, no matter how minimal the chance is. (this reminds me of the saying: Things turn out best for the people that make the best out of the way things turn out :))

And – this case convinced me that there are still good souls on this Earth… and maybe miracles?! Thanks, Tomasz Płociniczak from Poland and thanks, Krka National Park. I can only say – you made my year!

If you haven’t been to Krka – check out my post on it 🙂 And below are a couple more ‘ex-lost’ pics from my Croatia trip.

Plitvice lakes


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  1. george e. says:

    Interesting post. If you expect good things to happen, then they will.

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