Sicily inside out: Part 1: Why visit the biggest island in the Mediterranean

Visiting Sicily has long been a dream of mine. Why? Because it’s a place combining the crystal waters of the Mediterranean, the melody of Italian language, fascinating countryside, a mystique volcano and an unparalleled historical legacy.

I’ve been to southern Italy (Naples and around) before and it was so different from the North. My first impression was it was so…dirty and noisy there, but later on I realized you could really feel Italy, the true and authentic one, much more in the South than the North. Hence my dream to visit Sicily as the southernmost part of Italy, and crash into the colors, passion and temperament of Italian culture at its extreme.

Sicily, however, turned to be a unique place where Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, French, Germans, Spanish, Italians and even British people left a footprint in the culture and mindset of the people inhabiting it. And it addition to this spectacular cultural mix, there’s also the diversity of nature, ranging from steep rocks through thick forestry to peaceful green fields.

Over a short stay of 5 November days, me and my friend Neli tried to taste Sicily and see its beauty as much as possible. Hectic five days, 4 flights, 2 airport sleepovers and hardly any sleep in between, 9 cities visited, over 1000 km by car, but it was worth it 🙂

Over a series of blog posts I will share our route, impressions and recommendations of places to see. This is by no means an extensive Sicily sightseeing guide, it’s a guide for the passionate traveler who wants to experience the most of Sicily in a short time 🙂 (better in a short time, than in no time!)

Here is our route:

We missed Messina and the West coast (and many other amazing places for sure) – but well, there should be something for next time!

How was the trip day by day:

Day 1: airport, Cefalu
Day 2: Taormina, Catania (passed through Etna park on the way)
Day 3: Syracuse
Day 4: Noto, Modica, Ragusa, Agrigento
Day 5: Agrigento finished, Palermo, airport

In my next post I will review Cefalu and its amazing beach. Stay tuned!

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