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Lucca – Tuscany’s best kept secret

Being very close to Pisa (40-50 kms), Lucca was also a destination in our 3-day trip to Tuscany, the primary goal of which was visiting Le Cinque Terre.

Lucca is claimed to be Tuscany’s best kept secret – a place which is less touristic than Pisa, but featuring many and truly beautiful medieval buildings, small streets, spacious squares, cute little shops. Moreover, it’s a perfect place to visit with small kids – the old town is mostly pedestrian, very green and peaceful, with many gardens and places for relaxation. As you can guess, it was flooded with bikers too!

Sicily inside out: Part 3: Taormina

After an early morning breakfast, with a breathtaking view of the sea around Cefalu, we headed to Taormina. From Cefalu to Taormina it’s 200 km through Messina. Messina is the city that’s closest to mainland Italy, and they are right now working on the bridge connecting it to the mainland. If finished, this 3.3 km bridge would be the largest suspension bridge in the world!

Since we didn’t want to drive just the highways, though, and see hardly anything from inland Sicily, we decided to take a more direct but very curvy road passing just next to Etna, and thus reach Taormina.

Passing through inland Sicily offers much different sights than what we saw the first day. Green valleys, awesome mountain views, small and not so luxury villages, ruined houses, roads under construction (including ours 😉 . It’s obvious that Sicily is working hard to become a comfortable and shiny touristic destination – but I’m glad we saw it before that 🙂