Tip: Getting good mobile internet while travelling in France

Getting mobile internet franceHaving internet everytime and everywhere is essential when travelling with kids: you might need to make a last-minute booking, check family-friendly attractions nearby, call your family doctor on skype, etc.

Moreover, I have found out that while most hotels in France do offer free wireless, very often the signal in your room is poor, or shows up only now and then.

One option to be always connected would be to use the 3G internet with your sim card, but abroad that might be expensive. That’s why it’s best to get 3G internet from a local provider.

What’s the best option to get a hassle-free mobile internet in France? (read below and save 1 hour running between mobile shops)

  1. Visit a major Orange center. Do not check the small Orange outlets, neither the tobacco shops. Those are mostly selling vouchers, and can’t sell you cards. (and you will only lose time explaining what you want, as they hardly speak english)
  2. In Orange, get a new sim card (10 EUR) and vouchers for 3G internet. One voucher is 5 EUR, it includes 5 hours of mobile internet and you may use it over a period of 1 week from activation.

The internet is very speedy (we had hooked 3 computers to use it at the same time, and the speed kept being very good). For 5 days in France we couldn’t use even one voucher, so don’t buy too many. Anyways, you can always get more vouchers from tobacco shops, and even some supermarkets. You might want to ask the Orange sales person to show you how to activate your first voucher. The instructions given are vague, though in english.

And – consider taking a spare phone for the new sim card, to avoid switching the sim cards every now and then.

Winter’s coming over. Have a great and well-connected family ski vacation in France!

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  1. One of the issues I’ve found travelling in certain parts of Asia is the lack of decent mobile internet. These tips are great for those located in France!

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